Bash Bar / single tube rear bumpers

We are super stoked on these lightweight but incredibly strong rear tube bumpers for toyota and lexus SUVs, they are offered installed at our shop in southern california or as a diy kit. They weigh 30-40lbs and have an optional high clearance hitch. They do work with our tire carriers and have no interference, they can also be used with the stock hitch.

This is the finished gx470 bash bar with optional high clearance hitch, finished weight is well under 50lbs with 9 tubes to the frame.

Significant amount of welding and prep and some cutting of tubing as well as plastic is required- all tubes are notched in the kit 

Step 1: park vehicle on level ground and level further if possible, then move to the rear of vehicle with a tape measure.

Step 2:   measure 2” above the bottom of the frame at the rear crossmember towards the center and mark, as long the vehicle is level, this measurement can be carried around to the wheel wells.

Step 3: tape above the marks to protect the paint and cut at the bottom of tape with a angle grinder + cut off wheel (preferred)

Step 4: remove plastic bumper with the screws in wheel well and 5-7 bolts under the door or cover inside the rear of the vehicle and (4) screws underneath.

Step 5: remove factory hitch (if desired/necessary) and mock up tube bumper, the 4 shortest tubes will locate the depth and will only fit in these areas.

Step 6: if retaining factory hitch, some vehicles require the hitch to be notched/clearanced like this. Once tube landings are located, grind off paint for those 4 tubes and or the optional hitch.

*vehicles having air suspension- the air compressor completely blocks the area where the driver front tube lands- we strongly recommend removing this if you have not yet done so

Step 7: weld on frame plates for side tubes, supplied 3” square base plates and/or custom made bell shaped plate for 460/5th gens, these forward plates were cut to not interfere with reservoirs

Step 8: the hitch receiver tube plate tube may be welded on, with the wider edge at the top, then the receiver tube to the plate with the BOTTOM face 2” above the bottom of the frame

Step 9” with frame plates on and weld areas bare- the plastic bumper should be reinstalled and the main tube mocked up on jack stands or similar.

Step 10: the tube should be ⅛” under the plastic bumper with tight spacers under the ends at the wheel wells as the ends tend to climb when tacking. Tack the rear 4 tubes first and then the forward side tubes (miter to fit) the forward most tubes will be welded first to prevent movement


Step 11: The rear side tubes can be mitered and tacked in at this time as well.

Step 12: weld the undersides of all tubing.

Step 13: remove plastic bumper

Step 14: finish all welding including tube to hitch

Step 15: mask body where applicable, and paint with desired coating

Step 16: clean plastic bumper with a razor blade and install supplied edge trim, reinstall bumper.

This may sound like a lot but goes pretty quickly and the result is pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves.

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