You will have:
  • Fully welded center section
  • Mounting plates
  • Bent and capped upper tube
  • Bent and notched lower tube
  • Optional bullbar

1. Remove stock bumper, there will be two 10 mm bolts at the outside corners of the bumper, a few snaps on top where the grill sits, a bunch of snaps and a few more 10mm bolts on the bottom of the bumper.

2. Then we remove the center support and plastic bumper stops on the sides (10mm), and cut the inner fender liners (scissors work well).

3. Next unbolt the transmission cooler from the crash bar (12mm) pic 3.

4. Unbolt the crash bar (14mm).

5. Lastly for prep, we grind the surface where the bumper plate sits flat, see pic #6 below.

6. Bolt on the main bumper mount plates first, adjustment may be necessary for some access cabs. These plates should be pushed outwards as far as possible.

7. We usually tap the side support plate holes (side of the body mount) to accept a 7/16 bolt, bolt those on and tack the connecting plates in place.

8. Next place the welded center section on stands, leaving a gap under the fully closed hood, ensure it is level and completely flush against the mounting plates.

9. Weld the center to the mounting plates and weld the side supports.

10. Miter cut and weld on the upper tube, take time to ensure they are the same on both sides.

11. Miter and weld the lower wing tubes on to the bumper.

12. Adjust angle and height of bullbar (optional) and weld.

13. We recommend that the bumper is pulled off and the inside of the the mounting plates is welded (it is difficult), and paint or powdercoat.

14. To reinstall, install winch fairlead first, then winch. The mounting studs on the frame may need to be tapped inwards. Install bumper and all bolts.

15. IF RUNNING A WINCH we highly recommend welding on the included frame gussets for safety, they sit on top of the frame and weld to the back of hybrid bumper mounting plates.

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