1. Unwrap sliders make sure all contents are present. Contents include sliders, 8 legs, and 8 mounting frame plates.

2. Find four flat evenly spaced areas on the frame and trace where plates sit.

3. Grind paint off of frame (flap wheel on a grinder works best) some vehicles may require you to unbolt the e-brake cable to get in there.

4. Weld plates.

5. Set up sliders at desired depth and angle, generally the sliders should be at least ¼’’ below the pinch weld (lowest point of the body).

6. Check to make sure you can open the doors with room to spare.

7. Measure the distance from the frame plates to the sliders.

8. Mark legs and cut. Clean the edges.

9. Tack legs to the slider while holding the leg in its space. It helps to place it and apply pressure inwards with the slider. 

10. Bench weld the legs onto the slider and tape ends.

11. Paint slider(s) or powder etc.

12. Place sliders back on stands under the truck matched up with the frame plates, check angle and doors again.

13. Weld sliders to plates.

14. Let cool, paint welds and reattach e-brake cables if necessary.

Go scratch them!

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